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By pressing the button above you can make your donation today.

If you would like to make your donation to a specific garden, please indicate which one in the "Leave the Garden a Message" box.

If your donation goes to help all the gardens then it will be automatically used for building more gardens.

Please leave us a note as we would love to hear from you. We will see that your donation reaches the Garden of Innocence of your choice.

Please also leave us your your mailing information, as we want to thank you for your gift as well as send you a tax deductible donation receipt.

Thank you so much for your kind heart.

  • Garden of Innocence National (To help ALL Gardens)
  • Garden of Innocence/San Diego
  • Garden of Innocents/Sierra (Sacramento)
  • Garden of Innocence/Bay Area (San Francisco)
  • Garden of Innocence/Kern (Bakersfield, CA)
  • Garden of Innocence/Fresno CA
  • Garden of Innocence/Merced CA
  • Garden of Innocence By The Sea/Ventura/Santa Barbara CA
  • Garden of Innocence/Orange County
  • Garden of Innocence/Humboldt in Eureka, CA (coming soon)
  • Garden of Innocence/Butte in Oroville, CA (coming soon)
  • Garden of Innocence/Inyo  Bishop, CA  (coming soon)
  • In the message section add the name of the Garden you want your donation to go to.
  • If you would like to name a baby in one of these gardens, please submit your name along with your donation and where we can contact you.  When your name comes to the top of the list, we will let you know that your baby is going home.

When specifying a particular garden, GOI National will retain 15% for National to help all gardens and the remaining will be sent to the Garden of Your choice.


Consider donating your frequent flyer mileage

We have a lot of work to do and not enough money to pay for all the travel airline flights. Please consider donating your unused frequent flyer milage to us so we can meet the needs of all the babies throughout the country. We would really appreciate this as we have to travel to many places to make sure that we meet with everyone interested in starting a new Garden of Innocence.

You can mail your donation directly to:

Garden of Innocence
P.O. Box 722  Carlsbad, California  92018

Please specify if you would like your donation to go to a particular garden already started or for National to use for all gardens.

Please donate today and we will send you a thank you note along with a tax donation receipt. 

Our tax ID is 20-3852792. Our non-profit number is 2882005. We are qualified under IRS 501(c) (3) can CA Rev. 23701d.

Add us to your tribute donation to a loved one

If you have lost a loved one and want to make a donation in their name and would like a card sent to someone else that this donation was made for them, just let us know and we will do that for you. Mail your donation or use our donate button and put the information needed in the message section to let us know where to send the card.

Donate your asset to help Garden of Innocence National grow!

We accept donations of Time shares, homes, RV, planes, cars and boats or place us in your trust or will.  

We will try our best to assess if we will be able to transport your donated item, but please email us with your donation idea to and we will get right back to you. 

Thank you so much for caring. We appreciate your kind heart in wanting to  help give the babies a final resting place.