Brian Sutliff's Eagle Scout Project-2

Brian Sutliff made the garden 31 beautiful urns and Enrique Reade, General Manager of GOI and Elissa Davey, Founder, were very excited to go to his presentation of the urns to the garden. It was a very exciting evening and Brian did an amazing job.

Brian Sutliff's Eagle Scout Project-5
Brian Sutliff's Eagle Scout Project-3

When we got there, the boys were all lined up waiting for us as we got lost, then they did a small ceremony with one tiny urn sitting alone in the middle of the room.  When Elissa presented Brian with a Certificate of Thanks from the Garden, Brian had all the boys line up and pass all the urns from one scout to the other until they reached the car.

Brian said each scout had to lay their hands on his project. 

Brian Sutliff's Eagle Scout Project-6
Brian Sutliff's Eagle Scout Project-1

We can only say that we were thrilled to receive Brians urns and four of them have already been used in a service in Bakersfield for Babies William, Sydney, Loren and Christopher.