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Garden of Innocence National
P.O. Box 722
Carlsbad, CA 92018

(888) 535-4772

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Vista. CA. 92081

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Recently we asked all the teams from the L'Oreal Paris Women of Worth if they will consider naming a future baby coming to a garden as our way of honoring you for this wonderful gift you have given us. The exposure alone will help us so much. Please enter the name you choose in the message box.

We only accept first names, no middle names. Tell us why you would like to name a baby, as well, if you feel comfortable doing that.  We would like to be able to use your story to show everyone that the Garden isn't just about burying children.

We hope that your name will never be used, but if it does, we will let you know. Please bare in mind that we  have many people that want to name a baby and your name might not come up for a year or more.  Thank you!

Please use this message box to leave the Garden a note. We will try to respond back to you as quickly as possible