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This beautiful garden was created by Elaine Tosh, the Manager of Mountain View Cemetery in Fresno, CA.  Elaine could not do enough to make the babies resting place the most beautiful.  As soon as she heard about Garden of Innocence and offered a spot for us there, she went to work designing and building the perfect place.

Garden of Innocence/Fresno-8 Elaine Tosh, Mountain View Cemetery Manager

Located at Mountain View Cemetery

1414 W. Belmont Ave,  Fresno, CA. 

To send us a donation or write us at 

P.O. Box 28471 Fresno, CA 93729

[email protected]

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Our Director is Roy Bell.  He and his wife Donna are very passionate about the Garden and are wonderful caregivers for the children.


We hold our services twice a year the first Saturday of May and October

Please write us at [email protected] to be placed on our service notification email list.

October 2018

May 2018

October 2017

Service May 7 2016

We laid to rest 15 babies this day in our Garden:

Karl, Janette, Monson, Adelita, Esperanza, Matthew, Rebekah, Elisa, Austin, Dee, Kelly, Ezekiel, Kenzie, Sofia & Kolby

The service was beautiful and attended by many from the community that came together to be there to help send these little children home.

November 14th 2015 we laid to rest Eight babies: 

Jill, Stella, Aurora, Isaac, Christopher, Samuel, Nehemiah & Jeremiah

Was a very moving and emotional service with 100's of strangers coming to spend 55 minutes in the Garden caring for a baby that had no one yesterday.

If No One Grieves, No One Will Remember!

Garden of Innocence/Fresno-14

May 3, 2014

We layed to rest Babies Christy, Joann, Kimberly, Jacob, David, Sonny, Micah, Herbie and Bill

All babies are named by people throughout the community.

Garden of Innocence/Fresno-10

October 27, 2012 the garden was dedicated and we laid to rest 23 abandoned children that would have gone into Potters Field across the street.


All the babies were named by people throughout the community.  Roy Bell is the current Director of Garden of Innocence/Fresno as well as owner of Bell Granite in Clovis.  

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For more information, please write us at [email protected] or like our facebook page


Fresno Colorful tires point the way to Garden of Innocence

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Garden of Innocence/Fresno-10

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Weeping Willows are growing and the garden is beautiful in Spring of 2014

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Director, Roy Bell, opens the service

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Sam Freshwater of The Well Church gave the Children's Message

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Garden of Innocence/Fresno-89

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Garden of Innocence/Fresno-93
Board of Supervisor Henry Perea dedicated the Garden to the County of Fresno

Garden of Innocence/Fresno-96

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Garden of Innocence/Fresno-1

The large Dedication Stone was made & donated by Bell Granite of Clovis. Thank you so much.