What Is Garden Of Innocence National?

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What Do We Do? - Knights of Columbus provide DIGNITY
Knights of Columbus provide DIGNITY

We are a recognized IRS 501 C 3 Non Profit. We travel to different states and counties and help the people in that community set up a Garden of Innocence. We teach them how to care for the abandoned and unidentified children in their county or state. We bring a community together to care for a child that had no one yesterday.

We don't do the work for you, we help you set it up and run this service yourself. We have all the teaching guides to help you get started and guide you ever step of the way. 

We have a master procedure manual that takes you through the process step by step. You are venturing into foreign territory and places you have never been before and this manual guides you along the way and explains what you are doing one step at a time. 

All of our gardens work under our main umbrella and follow our guidelines. We share the donations with each other to help all the gardens raise money. We are all volunteers. We do what God expected and send home his little child with the love and dignity of family and friends.

Once a child is found either abandoned or unidentified, we take over its care. We give the child a loving goodbye. The moment the county tells us they have a child for our garden, we step forward and do what is right. We are non-denominational. Every faith, every nationality is welcome in this garden. We are color blind. We reach out to our little babies and love them when no one else did.

We meet with the people that want to have a garden to understand why they feel they want to do this. It is not an easy task. It breaks your heart. We ask that everyone submit a short essay or story as to why they feel they want to start a Garden of Innocence. What drives them to take on this mission?

If you are one of the people that thinks they would like to have a Garden of Innocence in your town, please write us and let us know why. We'd love to hear from you.

We would love to start a garden in your area. Thank you so much for your kind heart.

Hope to see you in a Garden some day!


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