Elissa Davey contacted our office in 2011 with information about Garden of Innocence. We were in the process of moving, so we told her to come back next year. In 2012, she returned and a few staff members watched the video and knew that Garden of Innocence needed to be a part of Fresno County. Our first burial was for 23 babies on October 27,. 2012. We estimated approximately 400 Fresno County residents appeared at this burial in the new garden at Mountain View Cemetery, along with Fresno Police, Sheriff, County Supervisors, Clergy and Media. Residents of Fresno County were proud to have a garden for their Angels in Fresno County.
Kelly Wiefel
Senior Deputy Coroner, Fresno County
We have known Garden of Innocence for several years. They have done a wonderful job giving children a final place to rest an da proper goodbye. The work they have done has touched many in our community. And, for us to be associated with them on this matter, has given us very good attention. We highly recommend to anyone to work with Garden of Innocence and help them with their good cause.
David Moravee
Poway-Bernardo Mortuary Poway, CA
During the past 7 years, it has been my distinct pleasure to work with Garden of Innocence in the dignified disposition of those unfortunate babies that have been abandoned for whatever reason. The Garden provides a dignified service for each baby as if he/she were their own child. I have attended several of the services and each time I have been extremely moved by what was done.
John Edwards, Deputy Public Administrator
County of San Diego