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Garden of Innocence Humboldt County

Eureka California

We traveled from Oroville, Butte County, across the snow laden roads to Eureka, CA.  It was very chilly there but we were welcomed by County Coroner, Dave Parris.  He had already heard about Garden of Innocence and was very excited to have us in his area. 

He said they don't get that many abandoned babies there, but if there ever is one, the garden will be the place they want them to go. 

We have not found a cemetery to help us yet, but hope to return to Humboldt County in late January before we head North to Oregon. 

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We stayed at the Eureka Inn which had no  heat in the lobby but the rooms were wonderful and warm. 

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I highly recommend the French Onion soup in the restaurant.  Just wrap your hands around the bowl to keep warm...Tasted wonderful too! 

Eureka is also the home of the Carson Mansion which is the largest Victoria home you will probably ever see.


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Near by is the Victorian town of Ferndale, CA with a very spooky cemetery.

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Tree outside a restaurant in Ferndale

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Ferndale Cemetery

This garden is hoping to be up and running in 2015.  We have been approved by the county coroner and are anxious to get started. We are looking for volunteers and a cemetery that will help us up there.

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